5 Ways to Improve Reading Skills

Indonesian society is a society with an oral tradition. From the start of folklore to traditional songs, mostly relegated to the next generation by oral culture alone. Therefore, to date not read and write culture deeply rooted in society.

In addition, those who have a hobby of reading also had some problems associated with the hobby. For example, many people are tempted to secepanya finish reading so that it becomes not too careful.

Some simple tips can be done to improve reading skills. Simple tips that can make a person more effectively and concentrate while reading.

Any tips? Here's his review as quoted from Huffingtonpost, Wednesday (14/01/2015).

5 Ways to Improve Reading Skills

Do not read while lying down

Many people like to read while lying down. Reading in a position that makes a person more comfortable and relaxed. However, reading while lying asleep create greater risk.

Therefore, if you want to increase reading skills, read at least somewhat vertical position. With this position, fell asleep while reading can be avoided.

Read alone

Take time to read on their own without interference from the surrounding environment. If possible, please read somewhere that there is no such person in the room at all.

Also, do not ever read while watching TV or surfing the internet. These tips can help you stay focused on reading.

Underline and record things that are important

There are people who do not like the book was often painted. However, it turns out to scribble book being read can actually improve one's reading skills. For example, if there is an important phrase, or concept that is still not clear, the reader can underline the sentence.

Once recorded, it would be better if the current reading, the reader also to comment on the concepts are printed on the book. Readers should not just be a passive object in reading, they also must be active to analyze, comment and even contradict what is written.

Read printed books

Reading through electronic devices will make someone's eyes tired faster than reading from a textbook. This is because the light generated by the gadget.

In addition, other studies have shown that reading print books more make a person more thorough and unhurried. Read the printed book also shown to make a person more happy because the experience will not be obtained if reading through gadget. For example, the sensation of smell newly purchased book.

Re-read and create reviews

After reading the book and make comments, the reader can reread just finished reading the book. This allows the author's intent in the book can be understood.

In addition to re-read, the reader can also make a kind of brief review of the book that has been read. This summary can contain an outline of the contents of the book along with the response.

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